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Hello 2012

Happy new year everyone. To kickstart 2012, I’ve begun the process of collating and updating my numerous old texturing tutorials, which were in dire need of some attention. I’ll begin putting them back onto the site in the next few days, followed by downloadable PDF versions where necessary at a later stage.

I’ve also begun compiling a FAQ, which is now selectable from the menu on the right, just addressing some of the most common questions I face in my email and elsewhere. It’ll probably be periodically updated.

Goodbye Steve Jobs ;_;

Today the world said goodbye to a true visionary who changed the face of modern computing, and took a niche product brand and turned it into an international household name. Steve Jobs will be greatly missed.

WordPress is cool

So after switching my hosting package and a couple of hours of tinkering in a crash-prone Artisteer beta for Mac that the developers have mysteriously put up for sale despite it not being a full release candidate, I’ve now managed to port my former website into my own custom WordPress theme and get it online. I’ll try to get my CGI tutorials and stuff back online soon; they’re in dire need of updating but I simply don’t have the time right now to address this. If you need help with CG stuff, go to CGTalk. On the subject of WordPress themes though, my god there’s a lot of crap out there. I trawled for hours across the web, finding countless articles claiming to showcase THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WORDPRESS THEMES!!!111, only to find a collection of themes so hideous they wouldn’t look out of place at the Tate Modern.